Brian Eldridge Artist - updated 19th July 2019

     art for your lifes walls, doors, shelves, restaurant, business

First Self Portrait 2019 BOS No 6 clown june 2019 Budapest No 1

Wockamaloo Real Art on a Bottle makes for a wonderful gift for enduring memories as a giver and receiver or collector

I am creating art to challenge myself with three topics

1 Africa and slavery (challenging my ignorance)  

2 Mental illness and depression suffered by children and young adults "it's OK not to be OK"

my goal to take my art to a meaningful place

3 Forget kiss kiss, let's have a hug - hugging is good for you

216 Wockamaloo Beach Babes In Mauve

When I paint a Wockamaloo fine art bottle be assured you are getting real art in the tradition of fine painting.  Typically a bottle takes 3 to 4 hours to prepare, paint and protect with a top medium layer.  Every bottle is uniquely number.

A very special thank you to all my Open Studio visitors and I hope we will meet up again