Brian Eldridge - Art - updated 25th April 2020

celebrating art past and present in brilliant Acrylic

147 Wockamaloo Fluid Strokes Two Faces on Beige 120 a start 226 Wockamaloo Grey on Red

I started painting in mid 2011, having never painted or drawn before, although my career involved the use of Microsoft PowerPoint in developing technical documents and presentations.   I researched how artists started and typically and most commonly, even when at art schools, the approach was to copy past artists.  Having identified a few artists I then chose to work with Acrylic paints, my research suggested that this medium provided vivid colours, fast drying time (literally minutes) and ease to overpaint when wanting to make changes.  I started drawing using the grid method and then with great joy started painting. I cannot over emphasise the excitement of creating a painting without the mental anguish associated with creating a composition.  This approach also allowed me to become a master in the use of Acrylics.  

2014 I started painting bottles, I created a name 'Wockamaloo' being unique on the internet, prices then started at £17 today they sell for £44 and will increase annually as the popularity and complexity of the art applied grows.  Some of the early works included Lowery faces and always my unique images.

2019 Today I paint on any material, paper, old prints, canvas, wood and of course wine bottles.  I always try to create a quality that will provide years of pleasure and is considered worthy of saving by your future generations.

I welcome commissions for resturants, public houses, clubs and business receptions, the larger the better!

2020 provides me with an opportunity to work in France with an exciting venue, details to follow as events unfold.

85 cha cha framed image 244 Expressionism DSCF0316