Brian Eldridge Artist - updated 2nd December 2019

art that critically gives life to your lifes walls, doors and shelves

32 entwined faces with hand First Self Portrait

bring your walls, doors and shelves alive with my quirky art, as a gift it is always memorable by the giver and receiver

244 Expressionism Brian Eldridge Acrylic on Board 31 Wockamaloo Changing Africa No4

Amazing Wockamaloo Bottle art just £44 +PP placed on a shelf filled with sand for a perfect bookend

251 In Progress Paper Canvas Type On Wood Block Fr 85 cha cha framed image Yellow Chair, Clown, Legs £195 Framed 525x425 A

Remember you have to turn the bottle for the whole story

250 Marketing Image

visit wet studio for big picture

230 Marketing Image