Brian Eldridge Artist - updated 16th January 2020

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Wockamaloo Art On A Bottle is a piece of fine art that occupies your shelf space with calmness and confidence.  

The quality of the art is exceptional, maybe quirky!

Filled with fine sand they make a perfect bookend, joss stick holder, candle holder, door stop, and yours ??.

And remember, there is more than one side to a Wockamaloo!

£44 each

plus P&P at cost


Creating a Wockamaloo Bottle painting takes between 2 and 4 hours, using quality acrylic  

paint and lacquer finish.

Each bottle is

individually numbered, but not created in numerical order!

Wockamaloo Art On A Bottle - it takes time to get it!  

as a gift it will always be remembered by giver and receiver

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31 Wockamaloo Changing Africa No4

Wockamaloo 31 Changing Africa

216 Wockamaloo Beach Babes In Mauve